Getting to the root of relationship anxiety so you can find peace and clarity.

The Most Important Lessonย in Navigating Relationship Anxiety

Without this lesson, I would not have been able to move forward confidently in my relationship.

It’s something we all want in life–yet it’s also something that can cause much pain and confusion. 

Disney, RomComs, and #RelationshipGoals on social media tell us that all we need is to find our soulmate and we’ll live happily ever after.

However, for many people, relationships bring up difficult emotions: shame, uncertainty, loneliness, and self-doubt. Where is the ‘happily ever after’ we were promised?

Experiencing challenges in relationships is not a sign that your relationship is doomed. Many of us haven’t been taught what it means to be in a loving, fulfilling relationship–yet we blame ourselves for not being “better” at relationships.

No more blaming yourself for something you didn’t know. There is another way…

Luckily, we can learn how to love. Love is not just a feeling, it’s a practice. It’s a skill. It’s a choice.

If you’ve been feeling anxious and frustrated in your relationship, please know you’re not alone. There is nothing wrong with you. And you’re in the right place…

About Me

Hi, I’m Sarah Yudkin, the founder of You Love and You Learn and a relationship anxiety coach who’s passionate about helping you feel content (peacefully happy) in your relationship.

I went from feeling anxious, doubtful, and uncertain in my own relationship to feeling a deeper sense of commitment, fulfillment, and optimism than I dreamed was possible. Since then, I have helped over 750 people from 35 countries through online coaching, courses, and webinars.

The amazing You Love and You Learn online community consists of over 220,000 people on a journey to show up more intentionally in their relationships.

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