Get the tools to help you go from questioning your relationship to gaining clarity and reducing the doubts

Is this you?

  • You’re in the best relationship you’ve ever been in, and yet something doesn’t feel quite right
  • You’ve asked yourself any of these questions:
    • “Is my partner The One?”
    • “Do I love them enough?”
    • “How do I know I’m making the right choice?”
  • You often wonder if your doubt and anxiety is a sign that your intuition is trying to tell you something

If so, you are not alone!

This is exactly what myself and so many of my clients experienced

Which is why I created Deconstruct the Doubts.

Hi, I’m Sarah.

I found myself in the best relationship of my life but confused and uncertain.

The thought of committing to my partner for the rest of my life was causing me to feel stressed…

Instead of feeling excited and confident like I saw other people experience.

I’d wake up in the morning with a tight chest and heaviness, it was hard to focus at work…

Hard to stay present around my partner…

And hard to be alone with my intrusive thoughts.


It felt like my only options were:

  1. live with this crippling anxiety forever (ahhh)
  2. end the relationship (ahhh)

Neither option felt right for me…

It didn’t feel like there was another way out.


But I knew I had to find a way through this.

As I write this now, I am more secure than I have ever been…

And I confidently choose my partner and relationship daily. 

That is a result of me implementing the information and tools I share with you in this self-study course.

When anxious moments do inevitably still show up (I'm still human after all...), I move through them…

Without feeling like I'm in the "wrong" relationship.

I have the knowledge and resources to soothe my own anxiety instead of depending on a Google search.

That is why I am sharing this information and these tools…

So you, too, can release the grip that these doubts have over you, your relationship, and your inner peace.

This is the information I wish I had 5 years ago so I could have spent more time ENJOYING my relationship, and less time analyzing it.

Deconstruct The Doubts combines what I’ve learned from personal experience…

Research on anxiety and relationships (including my own therapy)…

And what I’ve learned as a trauma-informed relationship anxiety coach.

This course is not meant to replace therapy.

But rather to help you gain awareness of what’s really going on during moments of anxiety…

So you can move through these moments with less resistance and more ease…

And experience real change.


This course is for you if…

  • you want to move forward in your relationship with confidence and clarity
  • you are ready to spend less time worrying about your relationship and more time enjoying it
  • you are ready to choose love over fear
  • you crave more tools and practices to navigate moments of anxiety
  • you believe your relationship is worth putting in ‘the work’ for
  • your thoughts center around "do I love them enough?"

This course may not be for you if…

  • you and desire one-to-one support from a therapist or coach to process trauma or PTSD 
  • the majority of your anxious thoughts include: “does my partner love me enough? what if they leave me or cheat?" (this wasn't my experience or the lens I coach from in this course)

How would it feel to have the information and resources you need to navigate relationship anxiety right at your fingertips?

Not having to try to figure this out on your own, reading book after book, spending countless hours googling for information in the hopes of finding some actionable advice?

Deconstruct the Doubts provides you with the tools and actionable steps you need to navigate relationship doubts with confidence and ease.

Just imagine…

Being able to meet your partner with excitement, not feeling fear and dread, when they are speaking about your future together

Knowing exactly what you need to do to feel calm and balanced inside, when your friends ask you when you and your partner are getting married, whether they are “the one”, whether you know you’ll be with them forever…

Not jumping to compare your relationship to others because your mindset and outlook on relationships has changed.

Being able to be present when you’re spending time with your partner…

Enjoying the little moments together, without your thoughts running wild in your head and sending you down a spiral.

Start reducing your relationship doubts so you can move forward with clarity and confidence.

Here's what you get…


Module 1 (Value $200)

Deconstructing the Mind

Learn what is really going on in your mind during moments of doubt and anxiety and how to use this new awareness to change your current patterns.


Module 2 (Value $200)

Deconstructing Your Relationship Mindset

Unlearn relationship beliefs that are causing you to feel anxious and re-learn new ones so you can feel more ease and inner peace.


Module 3 (Value $200)

Deconstructing the Relationship You Have With YOU

Learn why the relationship you have to yourself is one of the main factors leading to relationship doubt and how to improve that relationship with yourself so you can show up for yourself and your relationship with more love.


Module 4 (Value $200)

Deconstructing Relationship Dynamics

Learn what it means to be in a healthy relationship, a framework to reflect on relationship dealbreakers, and how to celebrate your partner and relationship.


Module 5 (Value $200)

Deconstructing the Path Forward

Learn how to move forward with all the tools and strategies you’ve learned so you can make lasting changes in your relationship and life.


[NEW] BONUS MODULE (Value $250)

Deconstructing Resistance (so it doesn’t hold you back)

Understand the single strongest force working against you on your journey to heal relationship anxiety and how to overcome it so you can feel happier in your relationship.


[NEW] Implementation Workbook (Value $200)

This course gives you the roadmap to feeling more confident and content in your relationship.

To make that happen, it will take implementing what you’re learning.

The implementation workbook helps you do just that with guided practices and journal prompts to let the information really sink in and become your new reality.

Each of the 50+ educational videos come with action items and questions.


[NEW] BONUS Training: (Value $180)

"Moving Through Moments of Anxiety"

Additional tools and practices to accept and take action on moments of relationship anxiety and doubt.


[NEW] Updated Resource Library (Value $120)

A curated collection of my favorite resources to support you on your relationship anxiety journey so you don’t have to piece it all together bit-by-bit.


+ Lifetime access to the course content and all future updates. (Value $PRICELESS)


Total Value: $1,750+


Pay In Full


SAVE $52



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What past Deconstruct the Doubts students are saying:


"The digital course is AMAZING!!!! I was a little skeptical at first because I have a background in counseling and have done lots of therapy in the last few years so I wondered how much the content could really help me. I was blown away by how every single module validated exactly what I was feeling and brought up experiences/thoughts that I thought only I had. Therapy has been helpful for me the past few years but I always have left feeling like it just wasn’t enough. The coursework was exactly what I needed and left me feeling empowered each week. The modules actually give you ways to take action and “do something” about the anxiety and doubts you are experiencing. I also really love how we have lifetime access to them because they have been so helpful to watch as a reminder when I need them."

- Mattie C.


"Thank you for sharing this work, I think it might just save my 10 year relationship."

- Anonymous


"It was truly one of the best things I've done for myself by joining this course. I feel empowered and so excited to continue my journey with such positive resources and support!!!!"

- Anonymous


"The Deconstruct the Doubts digital course provided me with the foundational knowledge that I needed to understand my relationship anxiety, why relationship anxiety happens, and how to start moving through it. Sometimes, I felt like the course was reading my mind - I couldn't believe that all of the thoughts/feelings I was having were explained in one place. Though I still have a long way to go in terms of implementing tools and feeling more stable, I believe that the course was the perfect place to start."

- Anonymous


"The Deconstruct The Doubts digital course really gave me more insights in what is really happening inside of me and how to deal with it. After giving all this information, I got some insights in how to really change my beliefs into something that is more related to the real world and not something I make up in my head or try to be a perfectionist (hint: life and relationships are never perfect). It is also packed with tips and ways to implement what you just learned."

- Anonymous


"It is a brilliant course, it covers practically all the topics of my intrusive thoughts/worries. I have had a lot of therapy over the years, but this course framed topics in a different way than I am used to and offered different perspectives that really resonated with me and have stayed with me."

- Anonymous


My guarantee

Your satisfaction is important to me! If you complete the course and it’s not what you expected, email [email protected] within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.


About Me

Hi, I’m Sarah Yudkin, the founder of You Love and You Learn and a relationship anxiety coach who’s passionate about helping you feel content (peacefully happy) in your relationship.

I went from feeling anxious, doubtful, and uncertain in my own relationship to feeling a deeper sense of commitment, fulfillment, and optimism than I dreamed was possible. Since then, I have helped over 750 people from 35 countries through online coaching, courses, and webinars.

The amazing You Love and You Learn online community consists of over 220,000 people on a journey to show up more intentionally in their relationships.

Stop “do I stay or do I go” mentality and move forward with confidence in your relationship TODAY!